Top Tips To Personalise Your Next Party With Pickawall

Thursday July 4, 2019

Make your next party as unique as you by adding that personal touch which will take your space from wow to WOWWW!! The possibilities are endless with ways to use Pickawall, but here are 5 of our favourite party styling tips!

  1. Personalise your – Walls

Nothing beats a classic, with our custom wallpaper backdrops. Most commonly used for media walls, photo walls or just an all around epic backdrop!

Styled by Lopre Events / Photo by Roam & Wander

Styled by LENZO

Styled by Lopre Events / Photo by Roam & Wander

Photo by Anitra Wells Photo

Styled by Lopre Events / Photo by Roam & Wander

2. Personalise your – Floors

We think it’s safe to say that majority of the fun is had RIGHT HERE….so why not put something exciting right at your feet with a custom decal for your dancefloor!!?

Styled by LENZO / Photo by Kat Stanley

  1. Personalise your – Bar

Undoubtedly, the busiest place at any party…(obviously!) Why not jazz up a plain white bar with a custom bar decal of your drinks menu, theme colour or pattern, or even a fun drinking quote and make it really stand out!

Styled by Creating Beautiful

Styled by The Style Co / Photo by Sayher Heffernan

Styled by Creating Beautiful

  1. Personalise your – table tops

If you’re hosting a sit-down event, customised table tops printed with your colour palette, pattern or theme are a great way to bring personalisation to a smaller or more intimate space. Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest impact to a space.

Styled by LENZO / Photo by Hugh Davies

Styled by LENZO / Photo by Katie Harmsworth

  1. Personalise your – Stairs

This is your ultimate way to make an entrance! Talk about a stairway to personalised heaven. 😉 Now we’re really getting creative and thinking outside the box…

Styled by The Style Co /Photo by Sayher Heffernan

Styled by LENZO / Photo by Kas Richards


The best part about Pickawall custom wallpaper is that it’s just as easy to put up as it is to take down, and without damaging  your walls, tables, or floors.

You can supply us with your own artwork or from a Graphic Designer, or we can help to create a design with our in house studio for a fee.

Ready to get the party started by planning your personalised Pickawall?

Check out our gallery or upload your own custom image here!

Let’s PARTY!

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